Blackroll Book


The BLACKROLL® has become enormously important in sports and physical therapy. When it comes to adhesions and pain, it can work minor miracles. Fascial shortening or adhesions are acted on by self-massage, making the fascia long and smooth again, restoring lost mobility and eliminating chronic pain. Just like muscles, the fascia can also be trained to achieve better athletic performance and prevent injury.

This colorful guide combines functional training and fascial fitness with the objective of providing ideal preparation for the body to keep it healthy for the long term. Three fascia experts with experience in pain treatment and sports medicine explain how you can use the BLACKROLL® best for fascial care. They also show how you can use the roller for a complete workout to improve strength, balance, mobility, and stability.

42 color illustrations of exercises and a series of training schedules make the book one you can’t do without if your goal is to remain strong, pain-free, and mobile for life.

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