Zone3 8mm Calf Sleeves


Specifically designed for SwimRun races, these calf sleeves provide the additional buoyancy lost by wearing a shorty wetsuit and running shoes in competition, they are also a great buoyancy aid for swimmers with heavy legs.

The extra buoyancy provided by the 8mm thick Yamamoto neoprene helps prevent your legs sinking, improving your body position in the water along with your speed and time.

Key Features:

  • Designed for SwimRun events.
  • 8mm thick neoprene.
  • Yamamoto SCS Nano coating

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly added buoyancy and support.
  • Increased warmth.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Reduced drag.
  • Protects legs from scratches and bruises.

Key Features Include:

Enhanced buoyancy positions the body into an optimal swim position, limiting the wasted energy and improving your swim time.
Warmth: Keeping the body warm in cold waters helps to reduce body fatigue and improve performance.
Compression and protection:The addition of compressive calf sleeves adds an element of protection over rough terrain, as well as reducing muscle fatigue.

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